My baby is growing up!!!

A little more than four years ago the journey started out when I was living in England with Erin Photography. It was my first foray into the world of professional photography. I bought some studio lights and started shooting friends and family and whoever I could get in front of my camera. I had my first attempt at setting up a website, and got some business cards. I thought I was the bees knees!

When I moved back to Christchurch, one of my friends and I teamed up to create Lumisse Art Photography. It was really cool having someone to bounce ideas off, and to keep the momentum going when energy was flagging. We tried our hand at some fashion and beauty, and even got to work with some cool local fashion brands. After about six months however we decided that we wanted to head different directions with our photography, and Inspire Images was born.

Since starting Inspire Images I have been on a real journey. Learning about business and photography. Last year I completed a Diploma in Photography from the Photography Institute, and got some great feedback from my tutor. I also saw an ad in the local job-search website for a wedding photographer/assistant, and I thought “Why not!!” and applied. Between applying and having the interview I found out that the company is owned by arguably the best in the business. I got the job and they have taught me so much! Last month I found out that I have had a portfolio of 12 photos judged by the big wigs in the NZIPP and it is judged as up to professional standard! Wooho!! AND, this weekend I won 3 bronze awards at the annual NZIPP Iris Awards!! Eeeekkk!! I’m an award winning photographer!

My baby is growing up! Inspire Images has been my baby for the last few years, but she is ready to make the leap and start playing with the big kids and by the big kid rules.

To celebrate she is undergoing a mini makeover. New look, new prices, new processes and new photos on the website 🙂 Check them out…

Here is my Q worthy submission (STOKED!!)

My award winning images coming soon! Stay posted 🙂

Much love xxx

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