Gundog Trial

Siyah is a Labrador  and Labradors are bred to be gun-dogs  I want my dog to be well trained, so I got in contact with the Canterbury Gun Dog Club. I’ve met up with one of the guys in it a few times now and this particular weekend he invited me along to a trial day to see what its all about. In general the dogs are super well behaved and that’s totally what I want my dog to be like! What they can do is super cool.

This is Sonya and her dog Dart. Dart took out the title for the novice and limit events.


There are loads of different types of dogs involved.


Basically what happens, is that the handler walks up to the peg. They are given instructions by the marshal, and then walk between the two pegs and take their position. Someone then slingshots a dead pigeon into the air and the handler shots their gun at the bird. On the marshals signal, the handler can let the dog go to retrieve the bird. They get points off for an indirect line to the bird, mishandling it, struggling to find the bird and not delivering it back cleanly. There are variations on what is asked of the dog depending on the dogs experience.
It looks simple, but based on the performance of the dogs there, much harder than it looks! I have lots of exercises to try and teach Siyah to get her trained up. And she’s definitely becoming a much better behaved dog because of it!!

I’m looking forward to getting her more involved and seeing what she can do.

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