Photography Workshop

Photography workshop, engagement shoot

Last week (feels weird saying that as it seems so long ago!) a bunch of local photographers (and one token Dunedin photographer) got together with Adam from Deep Grey Photography and had a bit of a workshop. We ran through the preparation before a wedding day, the running of the day and the stuff that comes afterwards (editing, albums, sales). It was a really cool day with loads of inspiration.

The best part though, was the bit when the models turned up, and we did an engagement style shoot. They managed to stay calm even with ten of us pointing our cameras at them. And the light, was, stunning!!!!! Here are the highlights of the day.

The photographers in action


Kim and Heather loving the light2013-01-31_0002

Our models Rychalo and Lauren were AMAZING!!!!2013-01-31_0004 2013-01-31_0005 2013-01-31_0006 2013-01-31_0007 2013-01-31_0008 2013-01-31_0009 2013-01-31_00102013-01-31_0012 2013-01-31_0013 2013-01-31_0014 2013-01-31_0015 2013-01-31_0016 2013-01-31_0017

Love love love the light!!



And so do these guys 🙂Photography workshop


Rychalo and Lauren thanks for being our awesome, amazing models.

Kelly, thank you for sharing your little spot of paradise with us.

Adam, thanks for your words of wisdom.


Here are the other photographers… check them out and see what amazing stuff they do!!

Kimberley Cheyne 
Kelly Shakespeare 
Rebecca Bijl 
Kim Hamblin 
Danielle Colvin 
Gods True Beauty 
Blue Bird
Deep Grey
Heather Ellis

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