A Days Escape

The weekend before last I had a cancellation of a booking in my diary. At first I was a little upset and tried to fill it with something else. But then I started thinking a little more, and realised it was the perfect opportunity to escape for the day.  Sometimes in life it can get a little crazy. Feels like you’re running running running trying to keep up with everything going on. I’m definitely going through one of those times. So the day off was exactly what I needed!!! A day to escape the hamster wheel.

I’ve been to Ashley Gorge before, but not for a number of years. I decided to take my pup and my camera and head there. It was pretty gorgeous.

Ashley Gorge

While I was thinking about this earlier in the week I got out a map and found a road that went even further into the hills. I decided to follow it. It went into the Lees valley. I vaguely remember someone mentioning something about it at some stage, although I have no idea in which context, so I decided to head there. So glad I did.

Lees ValleyLees ValleyLees ValleyLees ValleyLees Valley Lees ValleyLees Valley

Driving along the shingle road in this gorgeous area, it make me realise that I never really ‘got’ the idea of hunting or fishing before. I have a number of friends who do one or the other or even both, but I never really understood the draw. Fishing in my experience was my Dad heading out to a lake or canal for a couple of hours, and coming back having caught nothing. In my mind, I’d rather lie in the sun and read a book! But driving through this area it really started to make sense to me. We live in quite possibly the most gorgeous country in the world, and unless you are into hunting or fishing or hiking, we only get to see a small fraction of it. I have definitely been guilty of sticking to the main roads before, but there is so much more to be seen.

Lees ValleyLees Valley Lees Valley

Hunters and fisherman, not only do they get to see this gorgeous scenery that otherwise people probably wouldn’t have reason to visit, they generally get to have solo time, or do it with a bunch of mates, it fulfills a primal hunter gatherer inbuilt need, and often they are doing a service to the country, by helping the fight against pests. In writing this post I did some research… Deer, goats, wallabies, rabbits, possums and tahr, all are considered pests by the Department of Conservation. Canadian Geese are no longer considered game birds and can be hunted all year long without needing a game licence. So really, hunters are doing a service to the environment 😉

Lees ValleyLees Valley

I don’t know if i’m ready to take up hunting or fishing, but I am keen to attempt to shoot some more animals, with my camera of course! I definitely do need to make an effort to get out more, and possibly even start hiking (eek!). Actually, that has me scheming for New Years adventures… 😉

Lees ValleyLees Valley

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  1. It’s beautiful huh! I paddled the Ashley Gorge for the first time 2 weeks ago and it’s amazing in there! You’ve found an awesome spot for sure! X

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