Lewis Family

Silvana is from Brazil. Tim is from California. Tim and Silvana met in California, then came to Christchurch to help with the rebuild. They are helping rebuild the city, and they are building their family at the same time. Catarina is a gorgeous bundle of energy, and she is soon to have a wee baby brother.

We headed into the Botanical gardens which were in full spring bloom for some family photos.

2013-10-08_0001 2013-10-08_0002 2013-10-08_0003 2013-10-08_0004 2013-10-08_0005 2013-10-08_0006 2013-10-08_0007 2013-10-08_0008 2013-10-08_0009 2013-10-08_0010 2013-10-08_0011 2013-10-08_0012 2013-10-08_0013

Guys you are gorgeous!! All the best with your new addition 🙂

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