Delaram & Andy – Engaged – Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Delaram and Andy met at a cafe: Delaram had forgotten her wallet, and Andy stepped in to rescue her. They hit it off straight away, and by the third date they knew that had met the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. Delaram loves spring, especially the blossom and magnolias, so we headed to the botanic gardens. The day for photos was the perfect day!!! The blossoms were in full form, the magnolias in bloom and the lighting was STUNNING. Not to mention Del and Andy!! Both nervous in front of the camera, but you wouldn’t know it to see the photos!!

D&A Engagement-102a_WEB D&A Engagement-108_WEB D&A Engagement-109a_WEB D&A Engagement-113_WEB D&A Engagement-114a_WEB D&A Engagement-116a_WEB D&A Engagement-121_WEB D&A Engagement-127_WEB D&A Engagement-132_WEB D&A Engagement-134a_WEB D&A Engagement-137_WEB D&A Engagement-140_WEB D&A Engagement-142a_WEB D&A Engagement-147_WEB D&A Engagement-152_WEB D&A Engagement-158_WEB D&A Engagement-162_WEB D&A Engagement-166_WEB D&A Engagement-168_WEBDel and Andy, you were so much fun to photograph! I’m totally looking forward to your wedding in January 🙂

Much love xx


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