Micah – Newborn Photos

Family Photos

As you may or may not know, I have a brand new house with a brand new studio. Its sooooo exciting and I’m loving learning how to best use the light in this fabulous space 🙂 You will hopefully see a few more studio photos coming up in the near future as I put my studio through its paces!! This was one of the first sessions I did in the studio.

Micah was 3 days new when I first met him. So small and squidgy and sleepy! He was 10 days new when I got to take some newborn photos of him, and was still small and squiggly and sleepy. He brought along his parents and his two year old big brother Isaac to get some photos. Isaac was more interested in the diggers (photo below), but we did manage to coax a couple of grins out of him.

Family Photos Newborn photos Newborn photos Newborn photos Newborn photos Newborn photos Family PhotosReg and Amy, loved working with you guys and getting to take photos of your precious boys! Wishing you all the best!!!!

Much love xx


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