Stellar and Selwyn – Wedding Photos

Wedding photography, Christchurch

Stellar and Selwyn grew up in Christchurch, but currently live in Brisbane. Their wedding was a fantastic day celebrating their love with friends and family from all around the world.

2015-05-19_0040 2015-05-19_0041 2015-05-19_0042 2015-05-19_0043

The many faces of Stellar!2015-05-19_0044 2015-05-19_0045 2015-05-19_0046

Meanwhile over at Selwyn’s parents place, Andy from Andy Brown Photography was hanging out with the boys and scoping out the venue.2015-05-19_0047 2015-05-19_0048 2015-05-19_0049 2015-05-19_0050

Stellar was walked down the aisle by both her dad and her step-dad. Such a special moment!2015-05-19_0051

A moving ceremony!2015-05-19_0052 2015-05-19_0053

Love the congratulations!2015-05-19_0054 2015-05-19_0055

I may or may not have climbed on top of the shed to get this photo… all in the name of art!!2015-05-19_0056 2015-05-19_0057

The bridal party definitely are characters!2015-05-19_0058 2015-05-19_0059 2015-05-19_0060 2015-05-19_0061

Stellar, Selwyn and I headed down to the Corporate Club and enjoyed their gorgeous gardens.2015-05-19_0062 2015-05-19_0063 2015-05-19_0064 2015-05-19_0065

One of the awesome benefits of having a second photographer on the day is that you get to have photos taken from two different perspectives at the same time.2015-05-19_0066 2015-05-19_0067

Back to the venue where they hung out with the special people in their life. Stellars mum made the cake herself, Stellars special request, sticky date pudding 🙂2015-05-19_0068

The speeches again showed their personality and the strength of their relationships. Lots more laughter and tears.2015-05-19_0069 2015-05-19_0070

Finishing the afternoon off with a dance. Love it!2015-05-19_0071

Stellar and Selwyn, thanks for letting me be part of your day. All the very best!!!

Much love xx


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