Happy 2016!!

Purakaunui Falls, Catlins

I know its a couple of months into the year already, but better late than never right!!

Since I last wrote there have been a few things happening. I have started the adventure of Inspire Life. My goal is to inspire people to move their body in a way that they enjoy, that suits them, and to eat food that nourishes their body. Its lots of fun but I’ll admit it takes a little more time than I’m able to give it right now, so I’m slowly working away at it little by little. Here are some photos of some of the recipes you can find on my website though 🙂

Healthy Recipes

In the September holidays David and I did a trip to Invercargill to visit my Dad. David had never been through the Catlins before so we headed that way, and made a couple of stops for some photos along the way. Love this beautiful waterfall at Purakaunui. So gorgeous!!!

Purakaunui Falls, CatlinsPurakaunui Falls, Catlins, New Zealand

We also stopped at Curio Bay. Unfortunately we weren’t able to spot any dolphins but we did see one of the penguins hanging out 🙂

Curio Bay, Catlins Curio Bay, Catlins, New Zealand Curio Bay, Catlins, New Zealand Curio Bay, Catlins, New Zealand

Over the new year holiday we headed with the girls up to Kaiteriteri at the top of the South Island. We all had a wonderful week relaxing in the sunshine, reading books, swimming, playing boardgames and generally just chilling out! Its sooo pretty there!!

Split Apple Rock, Abel Tasman Split Apple Rock, Abel Tasman

I have started yoga recently and I have to admit i’ve become a little hooked on the whole thing! My friend Ron and I headed out to the beach one evening and he took these gorgeous photos for me. I love them!!

Beach YogaBeach Yoga

And as for things with Dave and his health, well last year he started a course of ABVD chemotherapy. Each treatment took around 3-4 hours to administer. He sat in a lazyboy chair and caught up on emails and watched tv online while the drip was in his arm. They initially said he would have to have 6 cycles (each cycle is two treatments, a fortnight apart). The next time we went in they said it would be 4 cycles of chemo. By the time he started treatment they said they would give him a PET scan after 2 cycles. He had the two cycles of treatment, then the PET scan, and the results of the scan was that he had a complete metabolic response!!!! To make sure that the cancer stays away he also had two weeks for radiation therapy. Overall he seemed to tolerate the treatment pretty well. They have the anti nausea drugs down to a fine art and while his tunny felt funny at times, he wasn’t sick at all. He felt a bit more tired than normal, but was able to keep working the whole way through and even kept playing volleyball and going for bike rides with his friends!! Now that its all over and we’ve had some down time, I have to admit it all feels like a dream. I know we’re the lucky ones with the diagnosis and the way they whole treatment went. He has to have regular checkups but we’re believing he is cancer free for the future.


As for the coming year… I’m back at my studies, second year of a nutrition degree (by the way, managed to get A- in all my subjects last year except for one A+!!), have been busy with photography (lots of blog posts still to come), I’m working as a personal trainer at a cool private gym in Avonhead, and teaching hula hooping. In a couple of weeks Dave and I have our third attempt at a honeymoon, fingers crossed this time its successful! We’ve given up on trying to get to Tonga for now, and are heading for a week to the Gold Coast. Then later this year we’re taking the girls to Thailand for a couple of weeks. It will be their first holiday in a non-English speaking country. They’re a little nervous but I’m super excited to get back there. Lots of exciting things happening.

Thanks for your support!! Wishing you all a wonderful 2016!

Much love xx

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