From me to you

You never know what is around the corner, and I can definitely say this has been proven true over my last year. My birthday in July last year I spent a wonderful day with friends feeling totally blessed, almost to the point where I didn’t think so much about the fact that I was still single. The week of my birthday was also my last week working as an IT geek in an office job, and I was living in a caravan while my house was being built.

Jump forward a year to my birthday this year, and not only am I no longer single, I am married to an amazing man, with three stepdaughters and living in my brand new house that I have been dreaming about for years. I am doing some work as a personal trainer after completing my certificate last year, and am half way through my first year of a nutrition degree. Its definitely been a whirlwind of a year!!!!

Here are some of the highlights of the year for me 🙂

Over Easter weekend, before it got too wintery, David and I headed to Kaikoura for the weekend. I have never actually spent much time there exploring. I loved seeing the baby seals hanging out and the scenery is stunning!!


The NZIPP had a pretty fabulous photographer over to do a seminar for a day. Part of it was portrait photography, and we got picked to be models. Great excuse for some engagement photos. 🙂

DSC_4350 DSC_4388

Our wedding day was July 4, Independence day. I’m looking forward to celebrating with Davids family in the states at some point in the future and having fireworks for our anniversary. I absolutely LOVE our photos!!! Emma did an AMAZING job and you can see more of the photos here. Definitely reinforced the need for getting a fantastic wedding photographer. The day totally flew by and there are so many special moments that would have been forgotten if not captured in the photos.

ED-80 ED-87 ED-112 ED-159 ED-179 ED-182 ED-201 ED-203 ED-597 ED-603 ED-610 ED-701

However life is not all roses. About a month ago we found out my husband has Hodgkin Lymphoma. He’s had a heap of tests and we’ve met with a bunch of doctors. Looks like he will be starting chemotherapy in the next couple of weeks. Thankfully they say its one of the good cancers (if there is such a thing) and they are totally aiming to cure it. It reiterates my opening statement, you never know what is around the corner! We’re hoping and praying we can survive this challenge and come out a whole lot stronger. It really makes me want to make the most of every day and value the people special to me.

Emily & Matt – Maternity photos – New Brighton

I’m so behind in my blogging, Emily and Matt now have a six week old boy! But before gorgeous Blake entered the world, Emily and Matt and their dog Xander joined me down at New Brighton beach for some photos. Wishing you guys all the best in your new adventure with your gorgeous son!!

New Brighton Beach New Brighton Beach New Brighton Beach New Brighton Beach New Brighton Beach New Brighton BeachEmily & Matt-050 New Brighton Beach

Sarah and Dean – Wedding – Kaikoura

Sarah and Dean are Kaikoura locals and I got to join them on their gorgeous wedding day. The weather was absolutely perfect!!! A casual cloud covering during the ceremony, which turned into sunshine for the  photos, and a mild evening with a stunning full moon.

I started the day with Sarah, her girls, her gorgeous we boy and her fur babies. Oh my goodness she had one of the most amazing dresses I have seen!!

2015-05-19_0005 2015-05-19_0006 2015-05-19_0007 2015-05-19_0008 2015-05-19_0009 2015-05-19_0010 2015-05-19_0011 2015-05-19_0012

Down at Koura Bay Lodge the guys were hanging out waiting for the girls to arrive. Such a stunning location.

2015-05-19_0013 2015-05-19_0014 2015-05-19_0015 2015-05-19_0016 2015-05-19_0017 2015-05-19_0018 2015-05-19_0019 2015-05-19_0020



The bridal party and I headed down the road to a beautiful garden. Sarah is a big lover of gardens this one owned by another local was the perfect location!

2015-05-19_0024 2015-05-19_0025 2015-05-19_0026 2015-05-19_0027 2015-05-19_0028 2015-05-19_0029

We stopped on the side of the road on the way back to the lodge. The light and the scenery was gorgeous. Put that together with the good looking bridal party and I was doing my happy dance!!

2015-05-19_0030 2015-05-19_0031

Their wedding took place on Easter weekend, so it only makes sense that the wedding favours were easter eggs and chocolate rabbits.


2015-05-19_0032 2015-05-19_0033 2015-05-19_0034Sarah and Dean, thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding day! It was such a joy. All the best!!

Much love, xx


Amanda, Tim and Quinn – Family Photos

Amanda approached me to take some family photos because their son Quinn was being christened, and they wanted some photos of the whole family for the programmes.

They had a house on the hill which has been demolished and is set for a rebuild after the earthquakes, so we headed to the park at the top of their street. Such a stunning spot!!! And such a gorgeous family!

2015-05-19_0001 2015-05-19_0002

Quinn is sooooo cute!! I LOVE his jumper, and I kinda wanted to take him home with me!2015-05-19_0003 2015-05-19_0004

Thanks for letting me take your photos guys!!!!

Much love xx


Stellar and Selwyn – Wedding Photos

Stellar and Selwyn grew up in Christchurch, but currently live in Brisbane. Their wedding was a fantastic day celebrating their love with friends and family from all around the world.

2015-05-19_0040 2015-05-19_0041 2015-05-19_0042 2015-05-19_0043

The many faces of Stellar!2015-05-19_0044 2015-05-19_0045 2015-05-19_0046

Meanwhile over at Selwyn’s parents place, Andy from Andy Brown Photography was hanging out with the boys and scoping out the venue.2015-05-19_0047 2015-05-19_0048 2015-05-19_0049 2015-05-19_0050

Stellar was walked down the aisle by both her dad and her step-dad. Such a special moment!2015-05-19_0051

A moving ceremony!2015-05-19_0052 2015-05-19_0053

Love the congratulations!2015-05-19_0054 2015-05-19_0055

I may or may not have climbed on top of the shed to get this photo… all in the name of art!!2015-05-19_0056 2015-05-19_0057

The bridal party definitely are characters!2015-05-19_0058 2015-05-19_0059 2015-05-19_0060 2015-05-19_0061

Stellar, Selwyn and I headed down to the Corporate Club and enjoyed their gorgeous gardens.2015-05-19_0062 2015-05-19_0063 2015-05-19_0064 2015-05-19_0065

One of the awesome benefits of having a second photographer on the day is that you get to have photos taken from two different perspectives at the same time.2015-05-19_0066 2015-05-19_0067

Back to the venue where they hung out with the special people in their life. Stellars mum made the cake herself, Stellars special request, sticky date pudding 🙂2015-05-19_0068

The speeches again showed their personality and the strength of their relationships. Lots more laughter and tears.2015-05-19_0069 2015-05-19_0070

Finishing the afternoon off with a dance. Love it!2015-05-19_0071

Stellar and Selwyn, thanks for letting me be part of your day. All the very best!!!

Much love xx