Tori, Sharna & Skaife – Portrait session

Last weekend I had the pleasure to photograph my workmate Tori, with her friend Sharna and her dog Skaife. Tori won a competition I ran on my facebook site and decided to have her photoshoot at my local beach. It was a fun shoot on a gorgeous sunny day. Thanks girls, you were fantastic! xx

Welcome to my new home!!!

I thought it was about time i got myself one of these blog things. It will definitely be a journey, and this is very much a work in progress. I hope you will follow me as we see where this journey takes us, as the site evolves as my vision becomes clearer, and my skills with the whole blogging process increases (like right now i’m typing in white on white for some reason, cant work out how to make the writing black!!!)

I’m really quite excited about the next phase in my photographic growth. I welcome your feedback, and any suggestions on how i can improve, but I hope you will understand if i decide not to take all of those suggestions on board. This is my vision, and i want to stay true to my values and the dreams and desires i have in my heart.

So here we go, as i hold my breath and take a leap into the unknown world of cyberspace as I press send……