Family photos, Port Hills, Christchurch

Amanda, Tim and Quinn – Family Photos

Amanda approached me to take some family photos because their son Quinn was being christened, and they wanted some photos of the whole family for the programmes. They had a house on the hill which has been demolished and is set for a rebuild after the earthquakes, so we headed to the park at the top […]

Engagement, Victoria Park

Ben & Beth – Engagement Shoot – Victoria Park

Ben is a Kiwi lad, and Beth is an English lass, and they met in New Zealand in 2007. Before Beth headed back home after her visit, Ben and Beth headed to Victoria Park with some Nandos, and shared a meal. Things have developed since then with many more shared meals, and they are set […]

Zintl Family Photos – New Brighton, Christchrch

Locals to the East Side, we decided some family photos to showcase the beauty of this part of Christchurch was in order. I met Jane at a church event a few months back. She is a coach for Gallup, and can help you identify your strengths and learn how to use them better. I really […]

Angus & Clara – Couple Photography, Christchurch

Angus and Clara have just embarked on the world of long distance relationships. Before Angus made the move up north Clara realised that they didn’t have any nice photos of the two of them, so she contacted me. We wandered around the central city of Christchurch and found some cool new and old spots to […]

Greta Valley

A couple of weekends ago I helped out Andy Brown with a wedding in Greta Valley. It was a beautiful day and as we drove home we spotted some golden light playing over the hills. We just had to stop and catch it! Prettyness! Love the light 🙂