Purakaunui Falls, Catlins

Happy 2016!!

I know its a couple of months into the year already, but better late than never right!! Since I last wrote there have been a few things happening. I have started the adventure of Inspire Life. My goal is to inspire people to move their body in a way that they enjoy, that suits them, […]

Queenstown Adventures – NZ

My sister Sam lives in Queenstown. My boyfriend Marcus hadn’t met her yet, and apparently he needs her approval to continue dating me, so a few weekends ago we went down to see her. It was a gorgeous flight down. Its been a while since I’ve done an overland flight, so low, when there are […]

Brits on Tour – Pt 2

The day after out Akaroa adventures, Brett, John and I headed down to the McKenzie Country for a couple of days there. The first night in Tekapo, the second in Mt Cook. I absolutely adore that part of the country. There is something to rugged and barren and beautiful about it! But enough with the […]

Category Five Fun

Its been a crazy few weeks/months.  I love being busy, catching up with friends, singing, taking loads of photos, but sometimes things get a little out of control… I feel like things are slowly starting to slow down enough to catch my breath, and catch up on blog posts, so here is an adventure from a few […]

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Last weekend I tripped down to stunning Queenstown for my saucy sisters amazing 21st. It was an absolutely fabulous event, she did an amazing job!! Phenomenal attention to detail, nothing missing, nothing left out. Pictures can say more than words though, so I will show you some of the pictures I took. And here is […]