Greta Valley

A couple of weekends ago I helped out Andy Brown with a wedding in Greta Valley. It was a beautiful day and as we drove home we spotted some golden light playing over the hills. We just had to stop and catch it! Prettyness! Love the light šŸ™‚

A Days Escape

The weekend before last I had a cancellation of a booking in my diary. At first I was a little upset and tried to fill it with something else. But then I started thinking a little more, and realised it was the perfect opportunity to escape for the day. Ā Sometimes in life it can get […]

Gundog Trial

Siyah is aĀ LabradorĀ  andĀ LabradorsĀ are bred to beĀ gun-dogsĀ  I want my dog to be well trained, so I got in contact with the Canterbury Gun Dog Club. I’ve met up with one of the guys in it a few times now and this particular weekend he invited me along to a trial day to see what […]