Greta Valley

A couple of weekends ago I helped out Andy Brown with a wedding in Greta Valley. It was a beautiful day and as we drove home we spotted some golden light playing over the hills. We just had to stop and catch it! Prettyness! Love the light 🙂

Gods Country

Just before Christmas I had the opportunity to head down south for a couple of days. I took my camera but didnt end up taking too many photos. For the sake of these photos though, I’m so glad I did take it!! I drove down to Queenstown and spent the night there. Its always a […]

Landscape Workshop

I have a lot of photographer friends. A couple of months ago one of them said that she was planning on doing a landscape workshop with Todd Sisson, and asked if anyone wanted to join her. I checked out his work and decided to tag along. This past Saturday we finally did the workshop. Shari […]