Lyttelton Lights

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to take some photos for a start-up company, Lyttelton Lights. They make the most gorgeous soy candles in beautiful fragrances!! Laura definitely has a vision of where she wants the company go and the drive to make it happen. Their candles are now stocked at a […]

Pretty Things

Pretty things make the most gorgeous ball gowns and cocktail dresses. I met Minh from Pretty Things a few years back and I love getting to play with her dresses!!! Check out how pretty they are!! The other weekend we photographed about 30 dresses in under three hours!! Total mission but so much fun.

Photography workshop, engagement shoot

Photography Workshop

Last week (feels weird saying that as it seems so long ago!) a bunch of local photographers (and one token Dunedin photographer) got together with Adam from Deep Grey Photography¬†and had a bit of a workshop. We ran through the preparation before a wedding day, the running of the day and the stuff that comes […]

Amy can Dance

I first met Amy about 2 years ago at a studio photography workshop by a guy I now class as a good friend, Ron. Amy was our model for the evening. I was impressed by how lovely she is but also how easy she is to photograph. I have shot her a couple more times […]

My baby is growing up!!!

A little more than four years ago the journey started out when I was living in England with Erin Photography. It was my first foray into the world of professional photography. I bought some studio lights and started shooting friends and family and whoever I could get in front of my camera. I had my […]