Emily & Matt – Maternity photos – New Brighton

I’m so behind in my blogging, Emily and Matt now have a six week old boy! But before gorgeous Blake entered the world, Emily and Matt and their dog Xander joined me down at New Brighton beach for some photos. Wishing you guys all the best in your new adventure with your gorgeous son!!

My baby is growing up!!!

A little more than four years ago the journey started out when I was living in England with Erin Photography. It was my first foray into the world of professional photography. I bought some studio lights and started shooting friends and family and whoever I could get in front of my camera. I had my […]

Brett & Gayle are having a baby!

Things have been busy lately with non-photography stuff… well let you in on that at some stage 😉 But i have a night at home and am trying to catch up. I shot this super cute couple last weekend. Gorgeous shoot in a gorgeous location. Can’t wait to meet their wee boy!! All the best […]

Meagan and Andy are having a baby!

Meagan and Andy are having their first baby! I got to take photos of this gorgeous couple and their lovely bump. So much fun and so much love. You guys are awesome and I wish you all the very best!!! Much love xx