Gods Country

Just before Christmas I had the opportunity to head down south for a couple of days. I took my camera but didnt end up taking too many photos. For the sake of these photos though, I’m so glad I did take it!! I drove down to Queenstown and spent the night there. Its always a […]

Queenstown Adventures – NZ

My sister Sam lives in Queenstown. My boyfriend Marcus hadn’t met her yet, and apparently he needs her approval to continue dating me, so a few weekends ago we went down to see her. It was a gorgeous flight down. Its been a while since I’ve done an overland flight, so low, when there are […]

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Last weekend I tripped down to stunning Queenstown for my saucy sisters amazing 21st. It was an absolutely fabulous event, she did an amazing job!! Phenomenal attention to detail, nothing missing, nothing left out. Pictures can say more than words though, so I will show you some of the pictures I took. And here is […]

Busy busy…

Sometimes life gets crazy busy, and its definitely building up to one of those times at the moment. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I also need to remember to schedule some ‘me’ time so it doesn’t end up driving me crazy. I want to keep you guys updated though, so here is […]

Escape the Quake Roadtrip

After the Earthquake, there was no power or water at my house for around two weeks. Work was closed for around a week waiting for the building to get assessed then cleaned up (a number of ceiling tiles had fallen down). So, I took the opportunity to escape the craziness of Christchurch and hang out […]