Travel Photography

As much as I love my home country, I LOVE travel.  It opens your mind and gives you crazy amazing experiences that you can’t get at home.

Some of my favourite travel moments: the first time I saw flying fish in Fiji, snorkeling in seven different countries and having crazy trigger fish swimming right towards me. Wandering through the Colosseum in Rome and visualising movies set in roman times. Hot air ballooning at sunrise over the Serengetti, driving quad bikes through back tracks past numerous villages in Uganda, visiting a village school just out of Gulu in Uganda. Having toddlers crawl all over me in an orphanage in Uganda. Wandering the streets in a German city all by myself without a map or guidebook and somehow managing to see all the main attractions. Eating real Italian pizza in Italy. Driving down narrow streets and lanes in rural England. Cruising through the amazing rock formations that make up Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, taking a motorbike tour through the back streets of a Vietnamese city. Sleeping for a week on the floor of a school room in Aitutaki, Cook Islands, and having villagers turn up on their scooters each night to feed us for dinner. The scenes, the smells, and the sounds that you can’t experience at home! LOVE it!